Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I know this may seem silly. But I'm greatful for my scoliosis!

Let me explain.  Yes it sucks most of the time, but it has also given me so much!

Through dealing with adversity, pain, frustration, deformities and set backs I've actually learned alot! It has taught me that I can do hard things.

It's also (somehow) helped me build strong self esteem. It sounds crazy, but those years in jr high wearing my back brace all day all night.  And having a big rib hump and crooked gait just taught me that looks really don't matter. Be a good person.  Love everyone, and you will be loved. And if people don't like you, its not you is them. Move on.  Find your people, thier out there i promise!

Not everyone has to like you! It's ok! Yes it hurts, and it's no fun to be made fun of (trust me I know) but those people are usually the ones that need the extra love. So smile, be nice. (Kill them with kindness is actually not a bad idea) doing this might not change them.  But it will change you! It made me see that I love people! I genuinely love everyone I meet. Even if we aren't going to be BFFs I still love you.

I've also learned emathpy for others. We ALL have our own problems. And to each one of us it is the hardest thing we can face. No one has it all together. NO ONE! So again have love for everyone.  Cause we're all in this and it should be together. It's easier together.

It's taught me to stand up for myself.  I'm still learning this one.  But I'm a work in progress.

Pushing through my limitations has also shown me how strong I am. Maybe not always physically but mentally.  I've learned to block out pain that would send most people running for the hills.  And I'm proud of that! Does that mean that others that can't do this are less  than? Absolutely not! Does it mean that i view others pain as a joke? Heck no! I get it! We all have things we can deal with and things we cannot.  And that's ok.  I see your trials and think my trial is nothing in comparison.  Because it doesn't compare. No two people are alike so neither will be thier challenges. I couldn't handle what was dealt to my neighbor anymore than they could handle mine.  And that's beautiful and makes me all the more greatful for mine.

I'm rambling but I just wanted to get this out there. I'm thankful for my trials.  I'm greatful for all is taught me about myself.  I'm still learning to! It's the "gift" that keeps on giving!

Are you greatful for your trails? Or am i just crazy🙃